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Our History
Bringing entertainment to the world
Our story begins in 2011 when Artworks Brands was established in California as a distributor of TV and Film content. As the entertainment world evolved, so did our ability to look to the future of producing original content and in-house management of all creative and business aspects that create and make a property successful. We became Artworks Entertainment in 2015 after consolidating our core business areas and moving our headquarters to the vibrant metropolis of Mexico City. Today, with affiliated offices in Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Seattle, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and Brussels, we are a company with a global reach that offers a wide array of entertainment options across various genres and generations.
Who we
are today
An entertainment company with multiple talents
Like any true artist, we believe in the individuality and creative power behind each project we undertake. We are proud to provide unified creative, business and successful communications solutions with the highest standards. With our Film and Television, Localization, Licensing and Merchandising and Business Development units, we have a comprehensive business approach paired with effective and creative ideas developed by a passionate team. Bolstered by our status as a single company with multiple talents, Artworks Entertainment is proud to have unbeatable and established business relationships with a number of global leading companies in the entertainment, production, film, television, digital content and licensing industries.
we do
Our areas of expertise work seamlessly together
We cover all areas of creative entertainment in-house, which enables us to act as a one stop shop servicing all areas that are necessary for our clients. We are content distributors, licensors and managers. We create localized versions of original and external content at our post-production facilities and we market and sell the final product as digital media or tangible formats. We identify areas of opportunity, whether traditional or novel, and we partner with companies who are seeking focused strategies for their portfolio.

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